12 Cheap Full-Size Bed Frames That Look Expensive

Full-Size Bed Frames

We have selected our favorite 12 Cheap Full-Size Bed Frames That Look Expensive. Just so you know, wijayafoam.com may collect a small commission at no extra charge to you if you use our links. Everything is up to date at the time of this publication. Oh and we also have an entire shop with full-size bed frames if you are still not finding your deals on this list!

Starting this Party off with absolute best sellers!!

 1. This Steel Slat Canopy Platform Bed Frame is built for royalty by Zinus!

Zinus Patricia Black Metal Canopy Platform Bed Frame

Promising Review: “I love this bed. The quality exceeded my expectations for the price. The instructions were very easy to follow and if you lay out the pieces in order one person can put it together. I put this together by myself. The hardware is all packaged nicely. They give you all the necessary tools which are a hex wrench and rubber mallet.

The bed is very sturdy and of great quality. I love the higher platform so I can sweep underneath. I use their 12-inch mattress on this frame. I did put a bunky board on each side under the mattress so there would not be any sag as there are 6 inches between the slats. A small adult or child would not need one.”  -Anna

Shipping: Free

You can buy it today on Amazon for $211.72 (it is available in Twin, Full, and Queen)

2. This Amazon Best Seller is an Upholstered Platform Full-Size Bed Frame with a super-easy assembly made by ZINUS.

Zinus Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Promising Review: “First off I have to say how impressed I was with the packaging, EVERYTHING is packed inside the headboard. It is easy to assemble and looks great!! I have cats who I knew would start to sharpen their claws on it and amazingly it doesn't show any damage, the fabric is TOUGH!! Well worth every penny, I have already recommended to friends and family.”  -Glama Girl

Shipping: FREE

You can buy this beauty today on Amazon at the low price of $142.30+  (available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King).

3. A Stylish and Firm Structure the Allewie Full-Size Platform Bed From is a Steal.

Allewie Full Size Modern Platform Bed Frame With Wingback/

Promising Review: “I’m really happy with this bed frame. I mostly bought it to step out of my comfort zone of just grays and navys, and a few times considered canceling the order because maybe it would be “too much”, but I ended up loving it. It’s clean and bright, and not overpowering. It’s also very sturdy and doesn’t move or creek when you toss it around on it.

It was easy enough to put together. I did it myself in about an hour, but I’d recommend two people if that’s an option for you. Also, be sure to read and trust the directions, specifically about waiting to tighten the screws all the way until the very end.

A few times I just thought, there’s no way these pieces will fit together correctly, etc, but by the end, it all fit and the screws were able to be tightened 100%.”  -Amazon Customer

Shipping: $29.99

This is on Amazon today for $159.99+ (save 11%) (available in Full, Queen, and King).

4. Luxury Leather with this Amolife Full-Size Bed Frame with an adjustable headboard.

Amolife Full Size Bed Frame,Upholstered Modern Tufted Platform Bed

Promising Review: “Love it❤️Love it❤️Love it❤️Love it❤️”  -Minnesota Lady

Shipping: $49.99

You can get this on Amazon today for $131.99+ (saves 9%) (Available in Full and Queen Size bed frames).

5. Sleek and Stable Full-Size Bed Frame from LIKIMIO has Tool-Free Assembly and great underneath storage.

 Likimio Full Bed Frame With Headboard, Strong Steel Slat Support,

Promising Review: “This is a great affordable bed frame. Very sturdy and looks good in my room with black and wood, which matches my aesthetic. Plenty of room underneath to store stuff neatly.

Took me a while to put it together because of an injury but if you're fit or have someone to help you it wouldn't take more than an hour. The headboard did have a small chip in the wood but it's not noticeable. I plan on sanding it down so I won't get a splinter. Overall love the frame.”  -Sibean

Shipping: $29.00

Buy it today on Amazon for $129.99+ (Saves 7%) (comes in Full and Queen size).

6. Easy Install High-Quality mecor Full-Size Bed Frame with curves…

Full-Size Bed Frame

Promising Reviews: “I ordered 2 of them for my daughters. They are an awesome value for the price. The packaging was great. They were not difficult to put together and they are very very sturdy. I’ve never written a review on Amazon before so that says something.

The only thing that I would change is that if you are not using a box spring, which you don’t need to because this is a platform bed, it sits really low. I ordered bed risers and I think they work out fine. Buy it!”  -NTubbs

Shipping: $49.99

Buy today on Amazon for $182.99 (comes in Beige, Blue, Brown, and Stone Khaki)

7. This Heavy Duty Full-Size Bed Frame is made of steel and is produced by VECELO as it comes with an easy setup.

Vecelo 12 Inch Metal Bed Frame Mattress Foundation With Headboard

Promising Review: “VECELO 12 Inch Metal Bed Frame Mattress Foundation with Headboard and Footboard, No Box Spring Needed, Heavy Duty Support, Easy Set Up, King-sized Black:

I am in love with my new bed frame. It's sturdy, and it's gorgeously designed. I do recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind spending a few hours to bolt it all together. Yes, there are lots of pieces and lots of bolts and nuts required.

The frame comes with everything needed to put it together. But would be faster to use power tools instead. The frame was put together by me, me, and I. It's not that it was hard to put together, but all the pieces, bolts, and nuts got tedious for one person. I did accomplish putting it together as instructed.

The bed has plenty of room for storage underneath, just as it is described. As stated it's a really sturdy, beautifully designed headboard and footboard. I really like how the metal bars have snap-in brackets to fit inside, so they won't slip and slide once the mattress is put on top. Nice!

I'm very pleased with how the bed is so comfortable, it doesn't creak or make any type of unfortunate annoying sounds. Totally recommend this bed frame to everyone who is needing a good quality bed. I would totally buy this product again!  -Ginlee

Shipping: FREE

You Can buy this on Amazon today for $109.03+ (It is available in Twin, Full, and Queen Size).

8. Sturdy and Durable ZINUS Compact Full-Size Bed Frame/ No Box Spring Needed.

Zinus Smartbase Compack Mattress Foundation / 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame

Promising Review: “I love this! It doesn't squeak, unlike traditional mattress bases I've used. I like that I am able to keep taller items under here. The height allows me to easily find what I'm looking for.

If something falls under my bed I can easily crawl under to get to it. Even my dog really likes to hang out under it and it has become one of his favorite places. I have been using this for three months and have not had a problem yet. It was very easy to assemble by myself.”  -Steve

Shipping: FREE

You can buy this Great Bed Frame today for $98.54+ (it comes in Narrow Twin, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes).

9. This Steel Constructed JURMERRY Full-Size Metal Canopy Bed Frame is a Beauty…

Jurmerry Full Size Metal Canopy Bed Frame With Ornate European Style Headboard

Promising Review: “Ever since I could remember I’ve always wanted a canopy bed and I finally got one! And for the price, I’m really happy with it! Assembling the bed was a breeze until there was a step missing from the instructions.

Putting the frame together the rail that was labeled “R” we had to pretty much figure out where they went. Once we did that we got back on pace, it took me and my husband about an hour and a half which isn’t bad at all. This was a good buy.”  -Jay

Shipping: FREE

You can buy this beauty on Amazon today for $173.96 (available in Twin, Full, and Queen Sizes only).

10. OK..OK…I know it says all under $275, but we couldn't resist adding this luxury to the list for only a few dollars more. This DHP Dakota Leather Full-Size Bed frame with Storage is just Awesome…

Wijaya Foam And Furniture

Promising Review: “1) Assembly: Very easy to assemble. It comes with a manual (picture uploaded) and all parts and screws are properly numbered, even comes with extra screws in case you lose any (picture uploaded). I put the Queen sized bed together all by myself and it took me a few hours (and I'm a short female who doesn't lift a lot of weight).

– Recommendations: If you have an extra pair of helping hands it'll definitely be a lot faster and easier. If you do it yourself, unless you're great at lifting up and moving heavy items, I recommend you build the frame on its final location like I did if you have enough room (: otherwise it's probably very difficult to move on your own!

2) Appearance and exterior material: Both the faux leather and the color make it look gorgeous and elegant. If you have a thicker mattress and you're worried about how your headboard will look, I have a Purple 3 mattress and I feel like I have sufficient headboard space after placing the mattress (picture 2 is of my headboard, so you can use this as a reference of how it'll look).

– The material also feels nice to the touch and it's easy to wipe/clean. For oily smudges (caused by hand creams, and lotions…), I recommend using dryer sheets… they work perfectly!

3) Storage and drawers: it has tons of storage space in the drawers. The bottom/inner sides of the drawers are not made of the same material as the rest, instead, it's like a thick clear plastic but the drawers are reinforced on the bottom/center and edges with cross-shaped metal and rectangular bars respectively (picture 3 uploaded for reference). This makes them lightweight and easier to move in and out.

– Although I haven't had any issues yet, I wouldn't necessarily put a lot of small heavy items on top of the plastic. They also come with a warning to avoid sharp objects (for obvious reasons). Last, when you're pulling the drawers or pushing them back in, they move to the sides a bit as there's nothing on the sides to align or lock them in place…

The way to secure them, prevent them from opening, and keep them in place is by inserting a screw/pin into a slot (I point at each one of them in two of my pictures, 3 and 4). After doing this, the drawers fit perfectly flush though (1 and 5 pictures show this too). Although the pin system works great, it's not as convenient depending on how you make your bed and etc.

4) Sturdiness: apart from the drawers' inner material, the bed slats looked and felt a bit flimsy and this worried me a bit, especially after reading some reviews. But my mattress is quite heavy and I have slept on the bed for a few months and haven't had any issues at all.

– Granted, I sleep alone (no pets), I'm on the shorter side (4'11”) and I'm not overweight.

Bottom line, I absolutely love this bed and so far I think it's great for the price. I hope my review helps you make an informed decision (: I'll update my review if anything changes.  -Amazon Customer

Shipping: FREE

And the best part is you can buy this on Amazon today for just $305.00 (saving 7%) ( Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King Size).

11. And then we bring it back down with this beautiful stylish Metal Bed Frame made by URODECOR…

2-9013 Metal Bed Frame With Headboard And Footboard Mattress Foundation (Full, Black)

Promising Review: “The bed frame is exactly what I wanted—beautiful and elegant. The frame arrived with no damages and had assembly instructions on the box and on paper. My daughter and I assembled it in 30min or so. It’s very sturdy.”  -Acetherascal

Shipping: FREE

You can buy this today on Amazon for $155.99 (available in Full and Queen Sizes)

12. And Last but Not Least another family favorite made by DHP, the Full-Size Bunk Bed for Kids…

Dhp Full Over Full Bunk Bed For Kids, Metal Frame With Ladder (Black)

Promising Review: “I have 9 kids and as they grew I have gone through different types of bunk beds. This one is a full-size top and bottom which is AWESOME and it is extremely sturdy.

I bought the cheap mattress on here for $96 each and they too are AWESOME. I recommend this bed. I have had other metal beds that bent. My kids are now young adults that come and go to work and college this bed sure is made for them.”  -Jamuz

Shipping: FREE

You can have this in just a few days by ordering on Amazon today for $214.99 (savings of 27%) Wowza 🙂

Which one of the 12 cheap full-size bed frames will you get?

We hope you enjoyed our list of 12 Cheap Full-Size Bed Frames That Look Expensive, if you have experience with any of the listed products or you make a purchase through our links, please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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