Brentwood Cypress Luxe | Cooling Charcoal Infused Hybrid Mattress | (Cal) King Size

Do you ever wake up in the morning with pain and discomfort? Does your mattress make it worse, or are you just not getting a good night’s sleep every day? A new 2020 Cooling Charcoal Infused Hybrid Mattress by Brentwood Cypress Luxe will help prevent heat build-up that can cause those aches. Thanks to its breathability, this bed will let air pass through its surface so you stay dry all year long!

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Size: California King | Style:13-inch Luxe Hybrid

The 2020 Cypress Cooling Charcoal Infused Hybrid Memory Foam Mattresses are made with charcoal-infused foam, which is beneficial for your comfort and health. The mattress is cool to the touch so you’ll get a comfortable night’s sleep without waking up in discomfort or heat exhaustion.

Charcoal doesn’t just work well as an ingredient — it also offers many benefits that will make sure you’re not only feeling refreshed when morning comes around but healthy too!

  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: 25-year warranty

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